Mercedes-Benz, or more correctly, AMG, has developed a new racing version of the SLS AMG gullwing sports car built along the lines of the FIA sanctioned GT3 series. The new race is now available to order by privateer teams but first deliveries won’t start until February of next year.

Anyone interested in racing the SLS AMG GT3 will have to fork out $430,190 for the car and an additional $81,735 for taxes. The car is currently going through the homologation process for the GT3 series and as part of its testing phase will enter an actual FIA GT3 race in late September. The particular event is the VLN race at the Nurburgring Nordschliefe in Germany.

The core differences between the standard SLS AMG and the new GT3 are the aerodynamics: canards up front, a huge wing out back, both to provide the downforce necessary to corner at race pace. The car is lighter, too, with a deleted passenger seat, extensive use of carbon fiber, and all the safety upgrades you'd expect. Central locking wheels, an engine bay vent in the hood and a full underbody aerodynamics treatment are also part of the package.

The engine is based on the same 6.2-liter V-8 engine that powers the 563 horsepower SLS AMG, but final power output will be weighed against the car's weight by the FIA to determine the final specification in order to preserve a competitive and close GT3 class.