In 1983, Toyota made a corporate decision to create a luxury brand that would produce automobiles on par with any of its mainstream rivals. Six years later, Toyota launched the Lexus brand with the introduction of its flagship LS400 sedan.

Since then, Lexus has pioneered many innovations on its LS series cars. The LS was the first to get a rear climate control system with an infrared sensor, it was the first to use low beam LED headlights and it was the first to hit the market with an eight speed automatic transmission.

Each generation has debuted with improved performance, better fuel economy and a higher level of luxury, reflecting the design philosophy of chief engineer Takayuki Katsuda. In Katsuda’s words, “Even if the LS is called ‘the best,’ that’s really just one moment in time. From that moment on, you have to go about creating the next car.”

For 2013, the Lexus LS carries the brand’s now-familiar spindle-shaped grille, as well as 15 new features pioneered by Lexus. There’s also the 386-horsepower Lexus LS 460 F Sport, which appears to add a whole new dimension to Lexus’ formerly conservative flagship sedan lineup.

The 2013 Lexus LS series will include the LS 460, the LS 460 L, the LS 460 F Sport and the LS 600h L hybrid. Look for Lexus to begin shipping the new LS sedans this fall.