Credit card reward programs are nothing new, and most reward cardholders with airline miles, hotel stays or even (modest amounts of) cash back. Now, UMB Financial Services is launching a Visa Platinum Rewards credit card that may prove interesting to anyone with 10w30 in his or her veins.

Tied to Roush Yates Performance Products, the card rewards uses with a point for every dollar spent. Buy go-fast parts from Roush Yates, and Autoblog says you’ll double your earnings, racking up two points for every dollar spent.

As with airline miles, points take a while to translate into real-world rewards. Spend $5,000 on ordinary swag, or $2,500 at Roush Yates, and you’ll get a gift certificate for $50 to spend at Roush Yates.

To put that in terms of product, dropping $5,000 on a ROUSHcharger for your Mustang will net you a $100 gift card, enough to buy a new pair of Wiley X sunglasses. That may not seem like much, but we suppose it’s better than nothing at all if you pay balances off promptly.

Using your credit card to pay monthly bills is one way to quickly rack up points. Spend $500 per month on cable and utilities, and you’ll rack up enough points to earn a free ROUSHcharger in just over 83 years.

On the other hand, brown-bagging lunch will probably save you enough money to buy one on your own in just under three years, which seems a bit more reasonable to us.