Designing an F1 car might seem, in some respects, kind of simple: read the rule book, build to fit, bam!, race car. Of course, there's the picky bit about setup, tuning, power, and aerodynamics, but the core of the car--the things that make it all work together--should be pretty straightforward, right?

Not so much. As you can see from this cutaway (a detailed, labeled version of the car shown in this video with Sergio Perez), the Sauber F1 car looks a bit like a miniaturized aircraft carrier in cross-section, with all sorts of compartments for the myriad bits of equipment required to network the car's many systems to each other, to the trackside telemetry, to the driver, and to the FIA.

For an even better look at the Sauber F1 car, visit the official gallery here.