It’s no secret that modern Formula One cars are among the most complex purpose-built race cars on the planet, so few outside the F1 inner circle of mechanics and engineers ever get to see one at the component level.

The Sauber F1 Team wants to show fans what the inside of an F1 car looks like, so its mechanics spent two years splitting an F1 car down the centerline. The result is the incredible cutaway chassis seen in the video above.

Matt Morris, Sauber’s chief designer, does an exemplary job of talking you through the inner workings of a modern F1 car, covering an impressive amount of ground in just five minutes. We’d like to see more on the technology behind a modern F1 car, but no team is going to show its hand and give the competition an edge.

Watching Sergio Perez attempt to climb into half a seat gives us a new respect for the job of an F1 pilot; driving a car at speeds approaching 200 mph is one thing, but doing so while crammed in a position with your toes nearly at eye level is something else entirely.

We’d be the first to admit we’re racing geeks, so if Sauber ever decides to print a high-resolution poster of the cutaway car, we’ve already got the perfect place in our office to hang it.