A. Kahn Design, a customizer of cars for celebrities like Just Bieber, and an expert when it comes to the modification of Land Rovers, has unveiled its latest package for the Range Rover Evoque.

Building on the previous Vesuvius package we saw earlier this year, A. Kahn Design has further refined the Evoque’s styling to create a look that will ensure owners stand out from the crowd when behind the wheel of their custom Evoque.

Improving on the stunning lines of the stock version is no easy task, as the founder of A. Kahn Design, Afzal Kahn, will quickly point out.  
“It was a very complicated car to work but we worked within the factory style lines and I put my heart and soul into this. We spent thousands of hours working on this car because I wanted to ensure it isn’t seen as a conventional car but as something more serious for the road,” Kahn explains.

Some of the specific modifications he and his team have come up with include new bumpers with a much more aggressive look, a custom grille, a subtle rear spoiler, centrally-mounted exhaust tips, LED detailing, and body-matching brake calipers.

There are also some performance modifications. For now, these consist only of lowered suspension, aerodynamic aids integrated into the bumpers, and special 22-inch wheels decked out in a matte gray finish.

Inside is the truly bespoke touch; this particular vehicle comes with front and rear seats in black quilted and perforated leather with Alcantara inserts and more body-matching detailing. The final touch is a set of aluminum foot pedals.