The secret to a healthy work environment is getting along with your co-workers, since nothing hampers productivity quite like office discord. One way to ensure on-the-job tranquility is to unite employees with a common goal, no matter how daunting the task may be.

At MINI USA, that task may be as simple as bringing a car like the MINI Cooper Roadster from design to launch, or as complex as filling a colleague’s hotel room with confetti. Even MINI USA head Jim McDowell is a potential target, as evidenced by the MINI marketing team filling his car with beef jerky, “for breakfast.”

This short video is meant to illustrate the kind of pranks MINI USA team members play on one another, but it also helps to kick off this year's MINI Takes The States tour and customer rally. It’s got a cliffhanger ending, as Jim McDowell insists that he’s allowing himself to be pranked as part of a practical joke on the whole team, to be revealed tomorrow.

We’re not immune from practical jokes at High Gear Media, although we’ve never gone to the trouble of procuring a live duck to stick in a colleague’s bathroom. To give us ideas for the start of the fall auto show season, we want to hear about your best (but still work safe) pranks.

Give us a reply, and we promise to give you full credit if we use your idea for nefarious purposes.