Hyundai. Zombies. Comic books. What?

We're not entirely sure what's going on here, but we kind of like it. In celebration of the 100th issue of The Walking Dead comic, the Hyundai Elantra GT will get a special wrap bearing the issue's cover art.

Better yet, Robert Kirkman, owner of the Skybound imprint, will give the zombie-themed Elantra GT away to one lucky winner during the Comic-Con International expo July 12-15.

There's even a four-part behind-the-scenes video series about the partnership, detailing the creation of the zombified Elantra GT, which it calls the Zombie Survival Machine. The design of the car was executed by Kirkman, and fabricated by Design Craft.

Why would Hyundai go to such lengths to associate their cute little Elantra GT with dirty, nasty zombies? According to Steve Shannon, VP of marketing for Hyundai Motor America, "The Hyundai Undead program allows us to interact with hundreds of thousands of film, comic, TV and video game fans during this summer's ultimate pop culture event." Ahh, yes, of course: advertising.

Whatever the (cynical, commercial) reason, we like what we see here. Perhaps our friend SergeantBiscuits over at ScionLife will take some inspiration for his hand-built tC.


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