The Zombie Apocalypse/SHTF/Urban Assault Vehicle meme isn't new, but sometimes an interpretation comes along that stirs our interest. This is one of those times.

Built by San Diego resident Wes, aka "SergeanBiscuits" on the ScionLife forums (found via Hooniverse), the car is conceived as an off-road TC, with appropriate mods for the purpose: steel wheels with more aggressively-treaded tires, brush bars, a roof-mount cargo system, gigantic air horn, caged off-road lights, a gutted interior, various safety modifications, and some tweaks to performance including a custom short ram intake and exhaust.

Other modifications appear to be just for fun, including a rear hatch in place of the back glass (for shooting at pursuers, presumably) set into a diamond plate deck.

Check out the videos below to see the off-road tC in action, and then hit up the forum thread for even more pics and info.

For now, we're going to call this one genius.