"As exciting as watching paint dry." In this case, it's actually somewhat exciting, as it forebodes the arrival of the 2012 Tesla Model S electric sedan. While the first delivery has already taken place, the official start of their arrival in owner garages kicks off ten days from now, on June 22.

In this video, we see prepped bare chassis going through Tesla's microchip factory-like paint facility, coming out the other end as gleaming shells ready to accept their running gear, interiors, and all of the bits that promise to make the Model S one of the first truly exciting all-electric cars to hit the streets in any quantity.

Why is the Model S exciting to us? Because it's quick, hitting 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds in Performance trim. Because it actually has the range of a gasoline-powered car, at 320 miles in 85-kWh battery pack models. And because it's a luxury sedan that can seat up to seven--with rear-facing rumble seats.

To see the video of the first Model S sedan to Steve Jurvetson, the earliest depositor, visit our sister site Green Car Reports.


Inside Tesla 06.12.12 - Paint from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.