Palo Alto-based electric car company Tesla has announced the first examples of its upcoming 2012 Tesla Model S will reach customers on June 22.

Tesla revealed a few weeks back that the first cars would arrive in June, and the electric sedan would deliver up to 350 miles of range at average speeds of 50 mph.

The countdown is now on for the first customers to receive their electric luxury sedans, and Tesla plans to hold a webcast of the first deliveries on the launch day.

In the run-up to delivery day, Tesla will also host events and web series to let fans and potential customers get a closer look at the car. These kick off with a series of blogs called "Inside Tesla", highlighting different aspects of the manufacturing process.

Four Model S Betas will also make an appearance at the opening of Tesla's "new designs" store in White Plains, New York this weekend. Tesla is also touring Canada with a Signature Red Model S Beta, in Etobicoke, Ontario this week, before moving on to Calgary and Vancouver in June.

Tesla's George Blankenship has also revealed more details about the car itself. Customers will be able to adjust the levels of regenerative braking, steering weight and suspension settings to their personal preferences, and the car is also still exceeding Tesla's expectations during in-house range testing. Official range should be around 320 miles, using the EPA's new five-cycle test methods.

You can find out more on the launch by checking out Tesla's official website.