Nismo is a familiar name to performance enthusiasts that happen to have a taste for Nissan products, but it's about to get a new flavor: RS. While the letters are commonly found on many other brands' performance products, the Nismo interpretation of RS is its own.

To be offered as optional packages that can be added to Nismo vehicles (like the Nismo 370Z or Juke Nismo), according to Inside Line, the Nismo RS packages will go a step beyond the standard suspension tune to add an engine tune as well.

Those paying attention will note that the 370Z Nismo already has a tune that's good for 18 horsepower. That's likely to be the last of the old guard.

The "new" RS package could be taken by enthusiasts as a way of splitting what once was covered under the Nismo banner into two separate pieces, with a pricetag on each. That's not something we generally like to see, but it does offer a step-up system for those not ready or willing to pay for the "old" full-Nismo treatment (the current Nismo 370Z costs a whopping $9,380 more than the base 370Z). On the other hand, the Nismo RS package could yet prove to be an upgrade beyond the standard Nismo mild power enhancement--Nissan hasn't yet said which way it will go.

It's not yet clear which, if any, models beyond the 370Z and Juke will get the new Nismo and Nismo RS options. Expect the first example of the new Nismo strategy to arrive with the next-gen Z car, which is already undergoing testing.

2011 Nissan Juke Nismo Concept

2011 Nissan Juke Nismo Concept