CUE, short for Cadillac User Experience, is GM’s high end infotainment system, scheduled to debut in the upcoming Cadillac XTS sedan. After learning from mistakes made by Ford and Lincoln, Cadillac designed the CUE to be more intuitive and user friendly.

CUE will also be the first automotive infotainment system with a fully-capacitive screen, like that found on an iPad tablet. The screen will sense proximity of a user’s hand, too, illuminating before it’s actually touched. It will provide users with haptic feedback as well, signaling menu changes and confirming button entries.

As expected, the CUE system provides a wide variety of features to the user, including HD Radio, three-dimensional maps, ancillary instrumentation, apps and even a mobile web browser. Now comes word from GM Inside News that some of the features developed for the CUE will trickle down to other GM vehicles, including the 2014 Chevrolet Impala.

Don’t expect to see all of the good stuff on lesser-brand vehicles. The capacitive screen, haptic feedback and proximity sensor technologies will likely remain Cadillac exclusives, while features like the 3D maps and web browser will be ported to Chevy’s MyLink and  GMC / Buick’s Intellilink systems.

The web browser feature could appear on select 2013 GM vehicles, though it will likely require the use of a paired smartphone. Other GM vehicles likely to get more of the CUE system features include 2014 Buick Regal and Lacrosse models, as well as the 2014 GMC Sierra pickup.