The 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London won't officially get underway until this July, but BMW is amped up about the 4,000 vehicles it will supply to support the show. To that end, it has unveiled the cars, SUVs, and electric vehicles that will be part of it. The  first of the Olympic fleet cars have already arrived in London, but more are coming.

A total of 200 electric cars will be used: 160 1-Series ActiveE coupes and 40 MINI E hatchbacks. They'll be used primarily for support around the venue sites, though the ActiveE will also be used for some athlete transport and as support during the Olympic Torch Relay.

Diesels will play a much larger role, with 2,477 cars and SUVs using the fuel. The most numerous will be the 320d, a model not sold in the U.S., which will see 1,550 cars used as the main command car for the torch relay, as well as during the cycling events and other support duties. Seven hundred 520d sedans (also not sold in the U.S.) will be available for transfer and shuttle purposes, along with 17 X3 xDrive 20d crossovers (again, not sold in the U.S.), which will tow boats during sailing and rowing events. Finally 10 X5 xDrive 30d vehicles (not sold in the U.S., either, though we do get the xDrive 35d version), used for towing horse ambulances at equestrian events.

Finally, 20 5-Series Active Hybrid cars will be used for shuttling purposes; 25 R1200 RT motorcycles will see duty in road-based events; and 400 BMW Streetcruiser bicycles will be used for operational support for water-based sports.

BMW says 80 percent of this fleet (presumably not counting the bicycles) meets the EU's EU6 emissions standards, two years before they become mandatory.