Are you fascinated by the Bugatti Veyron’s lines, but lack the multimillion dollar price of admission? Do you yearn to lovingly caress the curve of the Veyron’s rear fender, or gaze longingly at its inverted horseshoe grille?

Despair not, financially-challenged supercar fans: thanks to the efforts of Taras Lesko and VisualSpicer (as seen on Jalopnik), you can now build your own large-scale papercraft Bugatti Veyron replica.

How large? The completed model will be some 2.5 feet long, and will take plenty of patience to print, cut, fold and assemble. By the time you’re done printing the necessary 159 pieces, you’ll have used up 44 pages of heavyweight paper and enough ink to float a (scale model) battleship.

You’ll have chewed up a not-insignificant portion of your life, too, since we get the feeling that piecing together the car is more than your average weekend project. Still, the end result is totally worth it, since it will amaze your friends (and likely annoy your significant other). Best of all, this Bugatti Veyron won't cost you $30,000 for a set of tires.

If this sounds like the kind of challenge you live for, head on over to the VisualSpicer website, where you’ll find both the needed templates and the much-needed assembly instructions. There’s no formal price for downloading the templates, although VisualSpicer does request a donation to cover the development expenses.