There’s an old cliche, perpetuated endlessly in popular culture, that says police like donuts. The cliche refers to donuts crafted from fried dough, and not from rubber tires on asphalt, since personal experience tells us that police aren’t fond of the latter kind.

In what’s either the ultimate act of defiance or the ultimate act of stupidity, Jalopnik reports that a stolen Porsche 911 convertible showed up to spin donuts in the parking lot of the Methuen, Massachusetts police department early last Friday morning.

Perhaps unsatisfied by his original performance, the car thief returned to the scene of the crime some two hours later, in order to lay down a more impressive batch of donuts. This time, a police cruiser was nearby, and a brief chase ensued before the offending Porsche cabriolet escaped pursuit.

MSN reports that the stolen Porsche was later found wrecked in a nearby town, with no traces of the car thieves to be found. The same group of criminals is also believed to be responsible for the theft of a Land Rover and Mercede-Benz, since all three vehicles disappeared from a New Hampshire business at the same time.

None of the others have been used to taunt police, but we're pretty sure that the Methuen PD is ready for another go-around.