A while back, Fiat brought its 500 Abarth to visit Jay Leno’s Garage. While that video gave a good overview of the differences between the Abarth and standard Fiat 500s, Leno wasn’t allowed to drive the pre-production car as it wasn’t street-legal.

Knowing that a thumbs-up from the car-collecting-comedian could help to move a lot of units, Fiat North America head Tim Kuniskis returned to the Big Dog Garage, this time with a 500 Abarth that Leno could take for a spin.

While best known for his exotic and collector cars, Leno seems to have a weakness for anything Italian, and the Fiat 500 is no exception. The comedian currently owns serial number two of current U.S. production, but we’re guessing that car may soon be traded in on a new 500 Abarth.

As Leno points out, the car is fun to drive fast, and won’t put your license in jeopardy the way a Corvette ZR1 would. We’re not sure how much Mr. Kuniskis enjoyed the smuggler’s turn and ensuing burnout that Leno pulled off (rather well, we’ll admit), since we’re pretty sure his nervous giggles were fear-induced.

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