Mads Østberg is a Norwegian World Rally Championship driver who’s raced in the series since 2006, racking up three podium finishes over the past two seasons. Since rallying at the highest levels is a stressful career, Østberg likes to relax with more sedate activities during his down time.

Those activities apparently include setting a new world record for jumping a car on snow, which falls slightly outside our own definition of relaxation. His record-setting jump (on his third attempt) came as part of “DC All In Trysil,” a winter extreme sport festival sponsored by DC Shoes and held last weekend at Trysil, Norway.

Østberg’s first attempt, seen from a better angle in the video below, nearly ended in disaster when his Ford Fiesta WRC clipped the end of the ramp. Momentum carried him forward, and his WRC Fiesta escaped without damage.  Østberg’s second run was clean, just not long enough for the record, but his third attempt cleared a distance of some 50 meters (164 feet).

Don’t look for Østberg’s name in the Guinness Book of World Records any time soon, as the jump was “unofficial,” at least according to Guinness’ regulations. It may be off the record books, but that doesn't make his stunt any less impressive.