If you’re going to dream, you may as well dream big. Dutch engineer Wubbo Ockels, who holds the distinction of being the first Dutch citizen to travel into orbit aboard the space shuttle, wanted to rethink high-speed public transportation.

Rather than flying or taking a train from point A to point B, Ockels imagined a future where passengers could grab a luxury seat on a high-speed, electric-powered bus. Back in 2004 or so, the concept of Ockels’ “Superbus” was born.

While development of the Superbus has progressed over the years, the project is still essentially in the concept stage. Building an electric-powered bus with a 160 mph top speed is one thing, but building new roads that would allow the Superbus to travel at its 155 mph cruising speed is something else entirely.

That hasn’t deterred Ockels’ team from making steady progress on the design, but testing of certain systems has proven difficult. The team attempted to test the ABS last fall, but even soap-laden steel plates weren’t enough to give the system a thorough evaluation.

Fast forward to February, when a rare accumulation of snow fell on the Netherlands, giving the Superbus developers just what they needed to test both ABS and low-traction handling dynamics.

This video, found on Autoweek, is worth watching for the oddly comic music alone. If anyone can name the animal that darts across the screen at 1:20 into the video, please let us know.