After a full batch of drip-fed teasers we were as ready as anyone for Italdesign Giugiaro to get it over with and just show us the Brivido.

We're glad we were here at the Geneva Motor Show, however, as it's a looker.

Sure, it's not likely to see the light of day, and it's a bit of an odd duck in spots, but that's what we love about Giugiaro--and have for ages.

From the oh-so-funky side profile and partially see-through door to the Tron-like swipes of light across the front and rear, the Brivido makes almost no pretense at being something you'd actually drive on the street--but nevertheless makes you want to.

Enormous gull wings open the sleek coupe profile to reveal four full seats inside, dressed in white leather. The futuristic funk carries through to the cabin as well, with dual LCD side mirrors flanking the driver's instrument panel, a completely non-round steering wheel, and a high center tunnel that divides the space without seeming to fill it up.

Giugiaro was also kind enough to bring a second Brivido, one that was finished in a distinctive Martini Racing livery.

They certainly get our vote should anyone be thinking about building one, if only for the slim chance of seeing one on the street.