The wait for the 2013 SRT Viper has only been about two years--since sales of the previous model ceased--but for fans of the venomous vanguard of American speed, it's been a long one. The wait is drawing to a close now, and as we get closer, we get more of what to expect. Today, it's the new Viper's logo, dubbed "Stryker."

Designed by Vince Galante, a Chrysler designer and Viper owner, the logo aims to capture the "sinister look and 'evil grin' of the original," according to DriveSRT.

Previous logos were named Sneaky Pete and Fangs. Stryker follows in the theme with a stylized viper's head, though the newest is the meanest-looking yet. As these sketches reveal, it's born of the snake itself, but with a healthy dose of artistic interpretation.

While we don't really think the badge has much to do with the car itself--they could have put a cupcake on the nose of the last Viper and it still would have been one of the meanest things on the road--the new direction fits our eyes well. Galante also notes that the new logo has some lines that reflect those of the car, too. What do you see?