Chrysler is tugging at the heartstrings of America once again in its latest commercial, which aired during Super Bowl XLVI earlier today.

Called It's Halftime In America, the two-minute clip starred one very iconic American, Clint Eastwood, talking about it being halftime for all Americans and that it’s now time to make a comeback.

The Detroit link this time around is that the famous decaying city is showing the world and America in particular that a great comeback can be done.

Previously, Chrysler called on a local hero, Detroit’s own Eminem to help kickoff the automaker’s comeback with its Imported From Detroit campaign. The series of ads have certainly helped capture the world’s attention and has since spurred on a number of other celebrities to come to the aid of Chrysler.

The latest ad ends with the quote, “Yeah, it’s halftime America. And, our second half is about to begin,” calling on all Americans to help their nation with its own comeback.