Crowd-sourcing a car is nothing new, since the concept was already pioneered (and put into production) with the Local Motors Rally Fighter. A group of Birmingham, England, businesses may look to build on this idea with the “Birmingham Bolt,” a sports car concept meant to highlight the city’s design and manufacturing capabilities.

As Autocar explains, the Bolt concept was assembled almost entirely by companies in the Birmingham area. While nothing more than a high-performance, premium sports car concept at the moment, the car could be produced (in Birmingham, of course) in under 18 months.

The real purpose behind the car is to raise interest in Birmingham manufacturing among potential Indian investors. Birmingham’s chief executive of marking, Neil Rami, explained it by saying, “The message we’re sharing with investors in Delhi is that two thirds of all UK automotive R&D is conducted in the Greater Birmingham area.”

Rami goes on to point out that global manufacturers like Jaguar Land Rover, Toyota and BMW buy some 4 billion GBP ($6.26 billion) worth of components from manufacturers in the Birmingham area annually, making the automotive industry a significant contributor to the local economy.

Will the Birmingham Bolt see production? Probably not, since that wasn’t the purpose behind it’s creation. Still, if the right investor steps in with the right amount of money, we suppose that anything is possible.