If you haven't heard about Simraceway yet, you're missing out. It's a fresh take on the world of real simulated racing, with online competition, no subscription fees, and officially-licensed, hyper-accurate car models built around a customized version of the isiMotor 2.5 physics engine.

In other words, it's well worth a look--and today, especially so for fans of the BMW Z4 GT3, which has just been released for purchase. Simraceway's car prices are handled in a unique way: they're essentially 1/100,000th of the car's real-world price. In the case of the new Z4 GT3, it'll cost you $4.02, a fraction of its $400,000-plus real-world price, and less than the $11.95 you'd pay for any add-on car in iRacing.

Some of the 600 licensed cars (not all have been released yet) are exclusive to the game, like the McLaren range we brought you previously. Some are not, but all are developed to respond like the real thing with the help of professional race drivers, world-champion sim racers, and the chief instructor of Simraceway Performance Driving Center (nee Jim Russel Racing Drivers School). The car models themselves, as well as the sounds, are also painstakingly re-created from hands-on access to the actual cars, all in an effort to deliver the most realism possible.

We've had the chance to hop behind the wheel of the Simraceway simulator, and we'll be bringing you a first-drive report soon, including details on the game's unique F1-like standalone steering wheel system, the cars, the tracks, and the overall racing experience. Stay tuned for more, but in the mean time, check out Simraceway's official site to get signed up and on track yourself.