Audi says its focused on showing a five door version of the A1 at the upcoming 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, and that it doesn’t know anything about a revised TT Coupe. That’s counter to speculation, started on a Dutch Audi blog, that the German automaker would unveil a new TT Coupe in Tokyo.

In fact, both the Dutch blog and Britain’s Auto Express have posted renderings of the car’s rear, showing clear design influences from Audi’s last quattro concept (shown above). That’s not really enough to say that a new TT will show up in Tokyo, but it’s clear that Audi is working on a successor to its popular coupe.

The current Audi TT is based on the VW Golf platform, and future plans are to take the Audi more upmarket than the current car. The next generation TT will reportedly use a mixture of steel and aluminum in both the chassis and the body, producing a lighter (and more expensive) automobile.

The current front-engine, all-wheel-drive layout will remain, but the next TT is rumored to get more powerful engines across the product range. Audi wants to position the car as a legitimate rival to the Porsche Boxster and the Mercedes SLK.

That opens up an “entry level” spot in Audi’s product mix, which is likely where a new roadster based on VW’s BlueSport concept will go. If, of course, Audi decides to build it.

We’ll update you on Audi’s activities at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show as part of our comprehensive show coverage, which you’ll find here.