One particular Camaro on the Chevy stand at the Los Angeles Auto Show looked a little wild, and a little larger than life. That's because it's inspired by something very small--a Hot Wheels car.

The Camaro Hot Wheels Concept, with dazzling Spectraflame finish, flat-black graphics, and redline wheels, tries to take some of the distinguishing features of a 1:64 model and super-size them, back to full-size. Originally unveiled a few weeks ago at SEMA, it's a cool concept.

According to Felix Holst, the VP of design for the Mattel division overseeing Hot Wheels, the Camaro was the first Hot Wheels car ever produced, ever since Hot Wheels cars made their debut in 1968.

In order to build this concept, the team behind it essentially has to invent its own way to paint the car, with the reflective finish from Gold Touch Inc, with a liquid-metal solution in the primer, then a green tint applied over that in layers.

Up close, the new Camaro Hot Wheels Concept has details like smoked-lens taillamps, exhaust bezels, ground effects, a ZL1 grille and rear spoiler, and a black-leather IP with Torch Red accents.

Just to mix things up even more, there's a Hot Wheels 1:64 scale model of the Concept itself, offered through

Last year Chevrolet gave away Hot Wheels Camaro Convertibles each day of the L.A. show, to celebrate the premiere of the drop-top Camaro.

Browse through the gallery for an up-close look at the Camaro Hot Wheels Concept.