There are few sexier ways to announce a big return than with a cherry red coupe like the Alfa Romeo 4C. And, by all indications, that's exactly how Alfa plans to make its grand return to the United States market.

Not only is the 4C a looker, but it's also a good amount of car for a decent price. With a weight well under 2,000 pounds, a 200-horsepower engine, a 0-60 mph time under 5 seconds, and an expected price around $60,000, the 4C packs a whole lot into a small, affordable package.

It's definitely an attractive competitor to other small sports cars like the Porsche Cayman and Lotus Elise.

While its price makes it much more attainable than other exotic European cars, it's still a lot of dough for an impractical car for your average American family man. According to Auto Express, Alfa also plans a sporty two-seater in the $40,000 ballpark.

This car will be a convertible and will serve as a rival to the Mazda MX-5. It will be a modern reinterpretation of one of Alfa's great icons: the Brera Spider. A new Alfa Romeo Spider has been in the rumor mix for several years, but this is the most detail we've heard about it.

Like the 4C, the new Spider will benefit from a compact, lightweight build. With the help of a new, light chassis, it is expected to weigh in under the 2,200-pound mark. So even with a small, turbocharged 150-horspeower four-cylinder rumored, the Spider should pack plenty of punch and zip.

More good news: The new roadster is rumored for U.S. deployment. With Alfa Romeo also planning an Abarth-branded 4C convertible, there very well likely will be two sexy Alfa convertible options on the market within a few years' time.

Pictured above is Pininfarina’s 2uettottanta Concept from 2010, which was commissioned by Alfa Romeo to preview a possible design direction of its future models as well as celebrate its centenary.