McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C

Upon discovering that customers of its MP4-12C were having issues with their newly delivered supercar, McLaren made the tough decision of halting any further deliveries until problems with the car were solved.

That was a little over a month ago, and showing the determination and the kind of problem solving speed we’re used to seeing in Formula 1, McLaren and its UK team of engineers have managed to solve the issue and are now in the process of restarting delivery as well as applying the fix to cars already delivered.

The issues themselves are rather minor, with some customers experiencing software bugs that resulted in unnecessarily sensitive warning lights, battery drainage in certain conditions, and IRIS infotainment performance issues.

However, they were serious enough--at least to McLaren--that it prompted a letter of apology from company boss Ron Dennis.

A spokesman for McLaren has now confirmed to Motor Authority that a software fix is being applied to all cars at the company’s technical center in Woking, England, and that dealer teams around the world are arranging to have the fix installed in any cars already delivered.

Any concerned MP4-12C customers should contact the dealer that sold them the car or the McLaren assistance hotline on 0800 975 8285.

For full details on the McLaren MP4-12C, which is priced from $229,000 here in the U.S., click here.