If you had asked us to name which Hollywood celebrity had a custom-built 1966 Mustang convertible prepped with ex-NASCAR gear and a variety of other track-worthy upgrades in 2006, we have to admit, Charlie Sheen wouldn't be anywhere near the top of our list--but that's precisely where this car comes from.

Though it's no longer owned by a tiger-blooded, truth-fueled F-18, this Mustang, decked out in NASCAR-ish spec and a red-and-black theme might still bring in a big chunk of cash for charity.

The current auction page says it would cost $300,000 to replicate the car's current configuration, and while that number seems high to us, the extensive modification list (full specs below) is impressive. From a 358-cubic-inch Winston Cup engine to Wilwood brakes and a fully re-worked suspension, this Mustang is ready for some #winning--on track, of course.

All crack-fueled rant jokes aside, the auction, running from now through November 17 on Charitybuzz, will benefit C5LA, a youth leadership program that guides eigth-graders through high school while helping them make the right decisions for future success.

That's our kind of winning. Check out the full specs below and visit the auction page for more info, or to place a bid. The car currently sits at $100,000.


Currently approved for street use in California
Only 155 miles on the vehicle since restoration
Can be driven in competition racing sanctioned venues such as Club Events or possible VARA, NASA and HSR events
2 master shut-offs
Alarm system

Drivetrain & brakes:
Nascar 358 Cubic Inch Winston Cup Engine
750 CFM Holley Vacum Secondary Carburetor
Approximately 650 Horsepower
Custom stainless steel headers and 3 inch exhaust system
Complete Weaver Brothers custom dry sump oiling system
Custom braided steel lines for fuel and oil throughout the vehicle
Custom radiator
Custom heavy duty oil cooler
Richmond 6-speed transmission with scattershield
Tilton style Nascar type hydraulic clutch
Custom Moroso dual breather tanks
Alternator mounted next to the driveshaft and driven by the driveshaft
Battery mounted in the trunk
MSD ignition system
Electric fan thermostatically controlled
4-Wheel Wilwood 4-piston caliper disc brakes
Dual Wilwood 4-piston master cylinders

Custom Nascar type rollcage from engine compartment to trunk of the vehicle
Nascar type adjustable coil-cover shocks
Tubular front suspension
Shortened Speedway 9-inch Ford Detroit locker rear-end
Nascar Speedway wheel hubs
225/50R15 Front tires and 275/50R15 Rear tires

Custom black racing style interior
Nascar type breakaway steering wheel
Black butler racing driver and front passenger seats
Black 5-point racing seatbelts
Custom black leather rear speedster cover
Black carpet with red borders
Custom black leather door panels with red stitching
Power windows
Custom electrical dash panel
Custom dash with 6-gauge dash instrument cluster

Red exterior
Black Lemans style center stripes and Boss 429 type hood scoop
All exterior chrome trim pieces/emblems/bumpers and stainless trim pieces were powdercoated black