We've talked about the Renault-derived shouldn't-oughta-want-it Eagle Premier and Chrysler LH in recent episodes of this series, but our last full-blooded French Guilty Pleasure was the Renault Fuego Turbo back in July.

Anyway, when you're talking French cars that really just don't make sense, you need to start talking Peugeot. I've owned a 504, but that car was just far too reliable (and considered semi-desirable by "normal" car freaks) for true GP status.

What I need for my personal fleet is a Peugeot 604!

The Peugeot 604 was based on a lengthened 504 chassis and shared the 504's doors for good measure. Peugeot, at the time getting ready for its nose-dive into French-government-backed takeovers of Citroën and Chrysler Europe, dropped the troublesome PRV V-6 engine in the 604, then added a dash of Pininfarina styling. The result was an interesting-looking car that provided a super-comfy ride, rusted in a hurry, and tended to develop costly engine trouble.

I figure, hey, any 604 that's survived this long must be a lottery-winner-grade lucky survivor with an inexplicably bulletproof PRV. If I buy one (which is a big if, given that 604s in North America are about as common as showroom-condition Hyundai Scoupes), I should be able to count on it being as trustworthy as Grandma's '67 Plymouth Valiant. Right? Yes!