Boutique British road and track shop Ginetta has debuted its all-new flagship G60. Though the debut comes at a slow, quiet time between major auto shows, it's no surprise since Ginetta announced the move last week.

The G60 is a combination of Ginetta's G55 race car and the GTS (now named the Ginetta F400) from Farbio, another British sports car firm that Ginetta acquired last year. The acquisition of Farbio gave Ginetta access to a carbon fiber-heavy, mid-engined platform that it modified for use in the G60. The car is Ginetta's first mid-engined sports car in more than 20 years.

The G60 combines a sporty powertrain with a stripped down build to provide a high-end sports coupe with solid performance. Ginetta stiffened the carbon tub of the Farbio GTS and redesigned the carbon body panels.

Ginetta pulled out equipment like anti-lock brakes, steering assistance and electronic driving assistance, delivering a more primal driving experience and cutting around 900 lbs. off the GTS. So while the 310-hp 3.7-liter V-6 sourced from the Ford Mustang seems rather modest, the G60's 2,425-lb. weight ensures it hits 60 mph in under four seconds and tops out at 165 mph.

Other equipment includes a six-speed manual transmission, Quaife limited-slip differential and wishbone suspension.

Ginetta only plans to build 50 G60 models with a price around £68,000 ($105,000).