• Aston Martin celebrates 70 years of DB

    For Aston Martin, the most important set of initials isn't AM. Nor is it JB. But rather the two letters "D" and "B." They belong to David Brown, who rescued the company from financial doom back in 1947. It's his initials that adorn Aston Martin cars to this day and the British brand is celebrating 70 years of DB-badged beauty. David Brown owned an engineering firm founded by his grandfather back in 1860. He did quite well for himself and in 1947 bought Aston Martin for nearly $30,000. From there, Brown bought the rights to a Bentley-designed straight-6 and shoved it into the nose of a car he...

  • First Morgan Aero GT rolls off of the production line
    First Morgan Aero 8 GT rolls off the line

    Morgan has cooked up a fitting finale for the Aero 8. It's called the Aero 8 GT, and it serves as the final Morgan machine to be fitted with a BMW N62 V-8 engine. Officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the very first production Aero 8 GT has just rolled off the Morgan assembly line. The...

  • Owning a tank infographic
    The Ins And Outs Of Owning A Tank In One Infographic

    Why waste your money on a car with wheels when you can have tracks?

  • Ginetta G60
    Ginetta Debuts 310-HP G60 Road Car

    British boutique firm Ginetta has debuted its mid-engined flagship road car.

  • BMW Pathfinder "micronavigation" system prototype
    GPS Racing: Over 7 Million Brits Try And Beat The Sat Nav

    How long will a journey take from point A to point B? To get the answer, many of us will punch the destination into our GPS satellite navigation devices which give us an estimated time of arrival (ETA). However, a new survey thinks that subconsciously trying to beat the displayed ETA could be...

  • 2010 GM EN-V Concept
    General Motors Picks U.K. For EN-V City Car Euro Manufacture

    Small cars are becoming big business. The smart fortwo, Scion iQ, Gordon Murray's upcoming T.25, the Renault Twizy... more and more carmakers are developing tiny vehicles to provide our city transportation of the future. General Motors has jumped on the bandwagon too. GM showed the cleverly named...

  • Scuffed wheel of a Ferrari FF damaged by Journalist

    Remember the British journalist that managed to damage Ferrari’s brand new baby, the hate-it-or-love-it FF supercar? If not, here is our original post. Well, today we have an image of the resultant damage, which on the surface only appears to be a dented wheel. Similar damage also appears on the rear wheel of the corresponding side. While this is likely to cost a fortune on its own, it is after all the wheels of Ferrari’s flagship, the damaged may not be entirely known just by what’s showing on the outside. As indicated by the video below, CAR Magazine's Jethro Bovingdon was...

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