The news out of Japan today is neither catastrophic, depressing, nor simply disinteresting: it's borderline brilliant. According to a new report, Lexus is planning a special LFA Tokyo Edition with more carbon fiber and a new Supra is in the works.

First, the new Supra talk. It's not the FT-86 II, and it's not the LFA. The Supra successor/revival is said to be its own project, due for production in 2014, likely as a 2015 model. Beyond the fact that it's rear-wheel-drive and likely to be turbocharged, almost nothing is known. Let the speculation commence.

Second, the LFA Tokyo Edition. You might think Lexus couldn't throw any more carbon fiber at the LFA than it already has, but apparently, you'd be wrong. The Tokyo Edition will reportedly add a naked carbon fiber roof (letting you see more of the carbon), and a carbon fiber rear spoiler. The spoiler won't lose its hydraulic adjustment, it'll just expose its weave. OK, so that's really not much new carbon fiber, it'll just be more obvious. Nevertheless, it'll cost you about $55,000 on top of the car's $375,000 base price.

Nestled amongst the new product news is the death of the LFA Roadster idea. You may remember that the LFA was shown in concept form without its top, and it looked at least as good as the coupe. Unfortunately for open-top supercar fans, the LFA Roadster project is dead in the water due to "economic uncertainty," which likely translates to the fact that the LFA is a money-losing proposition for Lexus, and the Roadster would be even worse.

It can't all be sunshine and roses, but at least we're looking at the future of Toyota/Lexus performance vehicles with something other than the despair we've had for the last decade or more.

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