Jensen has produced some of Britain's best and best-loved sports cars, but save for a brief revival over a decade ago, the company hasn't produced a car since its bankruptcy in 1976. At this time, Jensen was building one of its most famous models, the Chrysler V-8-engined Interceptor. The four-seat grand tourer featured coachwork by Carrozzeria Touring and traditional British craftsmanship, making it a truly international vehicle.

The Interceptor is just one of the cars a newly-established firm bearing the Jensen name, Jensen Motors Ltd, is likely to produce to celebrate the marque's 80th anniversary this year--as well as preserving vehicles from its history. While no new Jensen models are in the pipeline, Jensen Motors directors Steve Barby and Gregg Alvarez have decades of experience in the classic car field, and aim to offer an array of services to prolong the life of previous Jensen models. That will range from simple restorations to upgrades, engine rebuilds and modernization options.

The company appears to have no link to the team behind an all-new Interceptor model--a plan that has gone quiet since being aired in 2011. It does, however, intend to reproduce eight examples of authentic Jensen models to celebrate the firm's 80th anniversary, so ground-up builds of some of Jensen's most celebrated models are likely to feature. Jensen's last production model was the S-V8, a Ford-powered V-8 roadster produced by a previous revival attempt from 2001-2002.


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