If your wallet is too small for all your crisp new $100 bills and your seventh home in Monaco is starting to feel a bit claustrophobic, perhaps you need to upgrade your Bentley Mulsanne to the new Executive Interior Concept unveiled today in Frankfurt and go for a drive.

That's right: if your Bentley Mulsanne just doesn't quite feel luxurious enough for you, or it doesn't quite meet your needs for on-the-road connectivity, Bentley has the answer with its new executive-focuses technology showcase.

Offered as a concept, but surely available for those with the cash, Bentley's bespoke array of business upgrades includes: individual iPad workstations in the rear with Bluetooth keyboards and integrated web access; a drop-down LED screen for movies and television; electric folding wood veneer picnic tables; a Mac Mini computer in the trunk to network it all together and stream video to the LED screen; and that's not all.

Bentley has included built-in iPod controls for the rear seat; two USB connectors and an iPod interface; controls for the reading lights and LED screen integrated into the rear console; Tibaldi pen and telephone handset integrated into the armrests; bottle cooler in the rear center console; and ambient LED mood lighting.

It's quite literally an executive office suite on wheels--the only question is where your secretary will sit.