Armored Personnel Carrier

Armored Personnel Carrier

Who hasn't fantasized about using a military vehicle--like an armored personnel carrier--to plow through a traffic jam? It would be quite the way to commute to work.

Well, the mayor of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, has found a more productive way to use an armored personnel carrier--he crushes illegally parked cars with one.

Here's the backstory: local residents have gotten fed up with luxury-car owners parking their vehicles in bicycle lanes, and they complained to the local government about the problem. Mayor Arturas Zuokas, determined to show residents that the government is being proactive about the issue, hopped into an armored personnel carrier and drove it over an aging Mercedes-Benz S-Class that was illegally parked in a bike lane.

The accompanying video shows the bewildered owner walking out of a store and spotting his destroyed Mercedes before shaking hands with the mayor. The mayor then happily sweeps the glass of the sidewalk.

Now that's justice.

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