Given enough time, a whole set of doctoral theses could probably be written about the content of this 1978 AMC AMX ad, from gender roles to car design to the evolution of marketing. But we're not concerned with all of that: the video is simply hilarious.

Whether it's the Fonzie clone in the one car or the Mr. Rogers-meets-the-BeeGees guy in the other, the horrendously dubbed sound, the complete inability to produce a burnout or even any wheelspin at launch, or the ridiculous bragging over the AMX's 258-cubic-inch engine--a notorious slug better suited to crawling hills in a Jeep CJ (or an Eagle) than any sort of performance work--the video hits so many funky disco-era notes it's hard not to love it for its awfulness.

For a more high-brow look at the ad and its content, including a political angle with Mitt Romney, check out Marty Padgett's take over at TheCarConnection.