We’ve been hearing whispers and rumors about an F1-succeeding McLaren flagship since around the time the MP4-12C debuted last year. Until now, information was limited to the very basics, but Autocar closed out a busy week by getting some insiders to divulge key design and performance details. And it looks like the upcoming supercar may blow away our wildest fantasies.

The car being called the “Mega Mac” won’t just aim to compete with the likes of the Bugattis and Paganis; it will aim to defeat them handily. It’ll do so with a 799 horsepower 5.0-liter V-8 engine developed in conjunction with Ricardo, and a Graziano seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The car will feature a carbon fiber Monocell, similar to the 175 pound version seen on the MP4-12C. A minimalistic interior focused on function over luxury will help to keep weight as low as possible.

As you’d surmise with that combination of power and weight conscientiousness, the Mega Mac will follow in the footsteps of the F1 in delivering top-of-market performance numbers. Early indications are that the coupe will be competitive with the Lamborghini Aventador in the 0-60 mph run, hitting the mark in 2.8 seconds. While that number will leave it a few tenths shy of the Bugatti Veyron, the Mega Mac will gain comparative momentum as it goes, hitting 200 mph in just 20 seconds, a full 2 seconds faster than the Veyron.

The 100 mph sprint is expected in 5.5 seconds, but there’s no indication yet as to whether the Big Mac will be able to best the Veyron’s sub-10-second 0-100-0 time. It's also not clear whether we can expect to see “McLaren” back in the world-record conversation.

The flagship will feature many shared, but re-tuned, components off the MP4-12C including pushrod suspension, hydraulic anti-roll control, adaptive dampers and traction control. The flagship will also get active aerodynamics, including active front and rear spoilers. Other equipment will include Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes, Brake Steer and on-board data logging with video camera.

As far as looks, all that’s out there at the moment is ““bigger, angrier and more functional looking” than the MP4-12C. If there was any doubt on whether McLaren is going to bring it in a big way, those three adjectives should eviscerate it.

The Mega Mac will reportedly debut in 2014. Rumors indicate that the price will be somewhere in the £350,000 to £400,000 range ( approximately $566K to $647K) with only 500 units being planned. Of course, there’s plenty of time for those figures to evolve.