Electronics giant Pioneer has revealed the latest in the world of automotive satellite navigation technology, with its new AVIC-VH09CS double din unit showcasing the first production example of an in-car ‘augmented reality’ system.

Using a wireless windshield-mounted camera, the system streams live footage of the outside world onto its 7-inch display screen, with the standard navigation display data and visual instructions layered over it.

The key benefit here is that distances before turns can be accurately interpreted by the driver as he or she will be able to see exactly where the navigation system wants them to go. The system is even intelligent enough to recognize which lane you’re driving in so that it can warn you in ample time to make any necessary adjustments.

Other capabilities include DVD and CD playback, USB and memory stick connectivity as well as handsfree Bluetooth.

For now, the Pioneer AVIC-VH09CS is only being offered in Japan but we suspect the device itself, plus its technology, will eventually appear elsewhere.

Pioneer AVIC-VH09CS augmented reality sat nav

Pioneer AVIC-VH09CS augmented reality sat nav