• Pioneer AR-HUD head up display system

    There have been signs over the past year to suggest that head-up-display technology will be the next big thing in driver information systems. A few cars - such as the 2011 Chevrolet Corvette - already use basic systems to ensure the driver keeps his eyes on the road as much as possible, but with improvements in display technology and a move towards augmented reality companies like Pioneer are developing next-generation systems. Pioneer's Augmented Reality Head-Up-Display (we'll stick with AR-HUD) uses laser projection to display an image on a "clear sunvisor" in front of you in your line of...

  • Pioneer AVIC-VH09CS augmented reality sat nav
    Pioneer Reveals Augmented Reality Satellite Navigation System

    Electronics giant Pioneer has revealed the latest in the world of automotive satellite navigation technology, with its new AVIC-VH09CS double din unit showcasing the first production example of an in-car ‘augmented reality’ system. Using a wireless windshield-mounted camera, the system...

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