They certainly are a creative lot over in Sweden. Not only have we enjoyed some oddball yet innovative designs from the likes of Volvo and Saab over the past several decades, but in more recent times we’ve also seen some whacky creations from some of the country’s smaller design firms. Most notably are the creations of design and engineering firm Vizualtech, however, now we have one of the most striking designs we’ve seen in a while, courtesy of the guys at Gray Design.

The firm’s new Strand Craft Limousine Beach Cruiser is described as catering towards the luxury hotel chains of the world looking to offer their clients a premium service in a way that has never been seen before. Optimized for maximum visibility in sun soaked regions, the limousine is well equipped to carry its passengers in comfort and style to local beaches.

Styling cues such as the canvas roof, chromed hubcaps and wooden inlays cast the mind back to the 1950s era of automotive design. However, the interior and powertrian are entirely modern.

The conceptualized interior is finished in Alcantara with trim highlights in brushed aluminum and chrome. On board clockwork in the instrument panel from Breitling, the same used by Bentley, and trim details accentuated with crystals from Swarovski continue the theme of luxury throughout the vehicle. The sound system is also borrowed from Bentley, a premium Naim setup with a 1,100 Watt amplifier and 15 speakers.



Power comes from a 6.0-liter V-8 capable of generating 400 horsepower and pushing the vehicle to its limited top speed of 140 mph. This power is delivered to all four wheels via a Haldex system, giving maximum traction and performance over sand covered roads.

For now, the Strand Craft Limousine Beach Cruiser is just a concept but if any wealthy individuals or hotel chains are interested, we’re sure the guys at Gray Design can come up with some arrangement.

[Gray Design via Auto Motor and Sport]