If you're a fan of limited-production, borderline ridiculous and highly impractical speed machines, the wild, one-seater Veritas RSIII Roadster is no stranger to you. The latest addition, the Veritas RSIII Roadster Hybrid, however, may be.

Using plug-in hybrid power and a F1-style Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) the RSIII Hybrid sports all-wheel drive, a BMW-sourced V-10 engine, and up to 31 miles of electric-only power. Acceleration is suitably brutal: 3.1-seconds to 62 mph, thanks to its combo of 507 horsepower from the V-10 engine and a 105 kilowatt electric motor mounted between the front axles. Top speed is 205 mph.

Despite the addition of 500 pounds in electric motor and battery pack, the svelte roadster still weighs just 2,821 pounds. For more details, hit the link below.