Audi is looking to collect winter stories of its quattro all-wheel drive system in use, and let's face it: this winter probably provided ample opportunity with snow falling heavily from the North Pole clear into the Deep South. This video--which only briefly features the Audi R8, sadly--is a call to tell those stories (note, the link doesn't appear to be live yet). We'd like to hear them, too.

For those of us that are fans of the go-fast, there is a higher preponderance of rear-wheel drive ownership than among the general population. That's a given. When things turn snowy, we remember quickly just how bad even a very good car can be when it doesn't have enough friction to use its power. Even with great snow tires, the slightest incline can become an insurmountable obstacle--particularly if ice is involved.

All-wheel drive cars aren't immune to climate issues, but they are considerably less susceptible to them, as the R8 blasting down a snow-crusted road at the end of this video demonstrates.

But really, who are we kidding--it's just an excuse to see an all-wheel drive sports car shredding even a tiny patch of snow.