The MegaCity Vehicle (MCV) is BMW's soon-to-be-built all-electric urban wonder machine, if you buy the markting spiel. But it may be more than that. BMW's Chief Financial Officer Friedrich Eichiner recently told the German publication Focus Magazin that the MCV will offer an optional range-extending on-board generator.

If you're thinking of the Volt right now, you're on the right track. In addition to its all-electric drivetrain, the MCV will be able to house a small combustion engine to recharge the batteries and extend the little car's range--presumably a desirable asset for sales here in the U.S. where people might want to venture beyond the car's urban intentions.

There's no sign of the range extender directly assisting the MCV's movement like the Volt occasionally does, however. At this point, the technical details on the range extender are still completely in the dark, so that, too may change.

At the very least, it's a bit of detail on what could prove to be a very intriguing vehicle--and possibly a small vindication for Chevrolet and the Volt, after the heat the car and its hawkers took for the late-stage unveiling of the powertrain's true nature.