Lamborghini's venerable Murcielago is due for retirement, with a car variously named the Aventador or the Jota tapped to take its place. Part of the new car's appeal for the enthusiast will be the first production application of a pushrod suspension by Lamborghini, and the system will be on show with the new car this year in Geneva.

The benefits of pushrod suspension are mostly those of packaging: without the need for tall suspension uprights, the car's profile, especially at the front, can be made much lower. Using rocker arms and pushrods to actuate the coilover spring/damper combo, a pushrod suspension also makes for less weight at the corners, as the damper system rides on the chassis rather than the wheel upright or control arms, further improving handling.

The rest of the pushrod system works just like you'd expect, complete with Lamborghini's hydraulic lift system to keep the nose out of curbs, driveways, and other road obstacles while allowing a lower ride height for smoother surfaces.

Along with the suspension details, Lamborghini has also confirmed a few other specs of the upcoming Murci replacement: 400 mm vented discs up front clamped by six-piston calipers, with 380 mm discs out back grabbed by a four-pot system. The entire suspension is made from aluminum. Steering will remain hydraulic to preserve the best feel and feedback, while 19-inch wheels up front wrapped in 255/35 rubber ensure lawyerly understeer when paired with the 335/30 20-inchers out back. Three different drive modes will be selectable, ranging from comfort to "corsa."  For a look at the leaked details rumored to reveal the full car, look no further.

We'll see the full monty in just over a month, but until then, enjoy the suspension geometry.