The German nutters at Brabus were the first to the scene with a tuned EV when they brought out the Brabus Tesla Roadster at the Essen Motor Show in 2008. Now they're following up with a new package for the Roadster Sport, complete with pre-paid electrcity for at home or on-the-go charging.

That's right, not only does the Brabus Green Package include a special appearance and weight-reduction treatment, it gets 30,000 km (18,641 miles) of free electricity in your home with the included RWE-Brabus quick-charge station and a free year of charging at all public RWE charging stations.

Haven't heard of RWE? Then you're probably not in Germany, and this package won't do you much good. Hopefully American tuners will get in on the act soon, too, as this is precisely the kind of green we can get behind.

As for the modifications to the Roadster Sport, they're confined to aesthetic and weight-cutting changes, including replacing the front fascia with a carbon fiber unit and adding a carbon fiber rear diffuser. Larger wheels with high-performance tires enhance grip and performance without fiddling with the control electronics.

Under-floor "space lights" add a tunerific ambience to the car, and custom color and detail tweaks make it unique. Customers can also choose their own palette and modification list as well.