Nissan is rolling out a new sedan concept at this week’s 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show, building on the automaker’s long tradition of sedan design that includes numerous generations of Maximas, Altimas and Sentras. The new concept is the Nissan Ellure, an expressive design that points the way toward some of the automaker’s next-generation sedan models.

Nissan, however, is quick to point out that the Ellure is not intended as a preview of any upcoming production model, though it confirms Nissan’s intention to be a strong player in the sedan segment for many years to come.

The proportions of the new Ellure feature the layout and dimensions of a traditional mid-size sedan, while taking advantage of a next-generation compact hybrid powertrain. This allows the wheels to be pushed out to the corners, creating a stable stance and ample interior room--both in the cabin and the trunk.

Under the hood is an advanced hybrid system that mates a 240 horsepower supercharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine to a 25 kilowatt (35 horsepower) electric drive motor with a clutch on either end. The drive motor is mounted between the internal combustion engine and Nissan’s Xtronic continuously variable transmission (CVT), with drive being sent to the front wheels.

Filling out each of the wheel wells are 21 inch light alloys wrapped with Michelin low-rolling-resistance tires and semi-transparent full wheel covers for minimal air drag.

The big news is the introduction of “Pure Drive”, a sub-brand that will likely be used on production models to denote its cleanest and most fuel-efficient vehicles. Nissan describes Pure Drive vehicles as featuring the most advanced technologies to deliver to customers an optimal balance of top-level fuel consumption and value.

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