The 14-odd miles of the Nurburgring Nordschleife is nicknamed the “Green Hell” and for good reason. The renowned race track is surrounded by pristine hills covered in green forests but the course itself is one of the toughest and most intensive of its kind anywhere in the world.

One person, who probably knows the track better than anyone else in the world, is Sabine Schmitz, a former race car driver and now the driver of the BMW "Ring Taxi," an experience where you can sit shotgun in a BMW M5 as Schmitz takes you around the Nurburgring at breakneck speeds.

Born to the local hotel and restaurant owning Schmitz family, Sabine has wanted to be a race car driver since she was 13 and completed her first lap of the ‘Ring when she was just 17. The video below is the latest episode in the BMW Unscripted series and gives us a look at the life of the ‘Ring Queen.