Neither the Nurburgring nor one of its master drivers Sabine Schmitz needs any introduction on this site, but what needs to be addressed is the issue that the famous German racing circuit is in financial distress.

With debts nearing the $650 million mark, the German government has been called in to help bail the Nurburgring out, although this may mean the track will be extensively changed and placed under the control of private firms that would see it turned into a theme park. Some of the proposals include the construction of a rollercoaster, a museum, a  5000-seat grandstand and even a hotel.

A new Facebook group--Save The Ring--has been established to expand awareness on the ‘Ring’s plight and is being promoted with videos like the one below starring Sabine Schmitz.

For all auto fans, this is definitely a worthy cause so follow the jump below and as Sabine says, keep yourself informed.

[Save The Ring]