2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS

2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS

Things were a bit more settled today, as I felt a little more comfortable with the rhythm of the road at the Fireball Run. As on the day before, I took the while to start the day, with myself and High Gear Media teammate Joel Feder switching seats after lunch.

The morning's first mission consisted of tracking down a road sign that could be modified to fit the event, before digging into our next mission--a visit to Mark Twain country, aka Hannibal, MO. After achieving some Tom Sawyer themed objectives, we headed north into Iowa. We had lunch in the town of Fairfield, after posing for pics at a local college, and then headed to Riverside, to track down the birthplace of the future James T. Kirk (Star Trek fans will understand what that means). After that, it was off to Cedar Rapids for a series of missions.

We headed to a farm where we needed to hit a van with a pumpkin cannon (Joel and I both missed), pick up a running pig in less than 30 seconds (Joel grabbed one, I looked like a bad NFL linebacker whiffing on tackles in the open field), and negoiate a corn maze shaped like the logo of Fireball Run. After all that was complete, we headed back to town for three more missions, including a stop at a minor-league ice hockey team's arena, a wind-energy power plant, and a youth center. From there, we had two more missions--find water lines from the 2008 flood of the Cedar River on downtown buildings and track down the studio of American Gothic painter Grant Wood. Finally, it was time for dinner.

Life on the road was generally good, thanks to mostly reliable navigation from our smart phones and the Camaro's strong highway composure. For such a beastly sports car, the Camaro's highway ride is more than adequate, and the front seats don't get tiring even after long stints in the car.

Today is the last day--we head to Cordova, IL for a drag-race challenge before finishing in Galena, IL. Expect a full recap of my experiences tomorrow.